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August 06, 2020 1 min read

Shopping for a quality Golf Shirt may seem easy, however with so many products here are our top 3 tips to choosing a golf shirt that gives you the freedom play whilst looking like a Pro, even if your score card does not say so. 


This one goes without saying, however it is sometimes overlooked. You need a fabric that's both breathable and comfortable. Most golf shirts are made from Polyester. A great fabric that is lightweight and made for comfort. Whether you are on the golf course or at a casual event, you will want to feel as good as you look. 


Whether you enjoy the more traditional colours or are maybe looking for something a bit more dazzling,BrandsByLeeroy has it all. With colours ranging from traditional navy to the more eccentric melon, we have it all to ensure you are looking your best. 


When looking for a polo shirt it is always worth it  to spend that little bit extra on trusted brands to bring you a high quality product. High quality will ensure that the material won't stretch and the colour won't fade. At BrandsByLeeroy we strive to bring you the best brands ranging fromErnie Els through toRhode Island, to ensure you have the best selection on offer. 

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