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August 06, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

Travel seems a long way away. Many of us dream of setting off on those long awaited holidays, heading to beaches and skiing resorts alike. Although we are not quite there just yet, there is always time to plan. Here are the top 3 travel accessories that will ensure your travels go as smoothly as possible. 

Compact digital scale

We have all been there before. That slow sinking feeling as you are told at the checkout counter that your bag is overweight. Having to unpack and repack in front of strangers is every traveller's nightmare. Make sure you avoid this classic mistake this travelling season with the compact digital scale fromBrandsByLeeroy. The sale is small and lightweight and capable of getting the job done. Make sure you always meet your weight limit with this one easy fix!

Foldable travel pillow

Long flights, bus rides and car journeys ? Sore neck, back and head? Look no further that the foldable travel pillow. Enjoy peaceful sleep wherever you are in the world with this lightweight device. Easy to pack and carry, this pillow can be used to ensure you are always well rested. 

Iconic travel wallet

That overstuffed wallet with everything you may need in the next 24 hours. A sad reality that all travelers have to deal with. How to organise them all remains the age old question. We have found an answer to the question. The iconic travel wallet is perfect for any travelling. Roomy enough for cards, money and passports, this sleek looking wallet will keep you looking and feeling stylish whilst keeping you organised when world borders open up. 

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