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May 12, 2020 3 min read

Jackets and Vests for Every Occasion: the Comeback of the Puffer

Winter has historically been about the muted, dark and plain colour pallet. It has been about minimalist clothing but outlandish accessories. From bobble hatted beanies, to the bright oversized scarf, individualism in the realm of winter fashion has come in the form of accessories. In recent years the general fashion trend of bright and ostentatious shoes has extended to winter boots, which can be found in multitudes of colours with a diverse range of wools and furs attached to buckles and spikes and god knows what else. This winter it seems that while boots and scarfs and beanies remain – as they presumably always will – on top of shopping lists, a new item is making waves in the fashion world: the cable knit sweater. Re-popularized, perhaps, by the gorgeous Chris Evans in Knives Out (check him out here) it seems the sweater is leading the return to minimalism in winter fashion. Not that I am particularly displeased with this development, however, as the return of the jumper is accompanied by the return of the vest. In particular, I predict that the puffer vest, with its insulation and warmth-trapping abilities, minimalist design, capable of being paired with any flamboyant accessory of your choosing, will be the winter item your wardrobe cannot be without. Check out the Norquay Insulated Bodywarmer from BrandsByLeeroy – the online counterpart of the original Leeroy Company was launched recently, making their wide array of luxury and high quality brands available to the general public – us mere mortals – for the first time. The Norquay Insulated puffer, or even better the deluxe down-feather Scotia Bodywarmer vest, fit elegantly over any cable knit sweater, and pair perfectly with your black Hunter boots and an oversized chunky scarf. The Scotia Light Down Bodywarmer is the ideal companion for those chillier nights spent watching sport, barbequing or catching up with friends, a glass of wine in hand. 

For real wintery nights, meet the puffer’s longer sleeved counterpart, the Scotia Light Down Jacket is also available on BrandsByLeeroy. Available in an array of colours this jacket pairs perfectly with jeans, booties of your choosing and a cute beanie or high fashion side-scarf. It’s light feather-down warmth fits perfectly over a dazzling long-sleeve bodysuit or a knitted cashmere sweater. Complete the look with one of these immaculate, buttery soft sweaters.

If you’re looking for a jacket that will complement your adventurous side as well as your cocktail-sipping, accessory-clad couture, then its time you met the Kortina Reversibe Jacket. Not only is this version the perfect, light and easy jacket to throw on over your winter clubbing outfit, but its reversibility means you get two colours in one garment. Decide to change your shoes? Don’t like the way the one colour goes with your lipstick? Simply flip it inside out and admire yourself… as everyone surely will when you walk into the party. Less excited for festive season parties and aiming more for an adventure in the mountains or on the slopes? The Kortina has a dual purpose, with one side designed to insulate your body heat, keeping you warm on the coldest of days, and the other crafted perfectly with cutting edge water-resistant technology, protecting you effortlessly against that turn of weather – this unexpected downturn won’t be ruining your hair with the Kortina. 

That’s it for today’s Technology&Fashion rundown. Be sure to look back soon for the next instalment: Winter Accessories You Cannot Go Without – be the first to learn about the latest technological trends adding to the field of fashion so you’re not only stylishly dressed, but conveniently too.

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Author: Olivia Levieux

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